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If you love adventure, these three university degrees will be perfect for you

When it comes to choosing a profession, many people prefer the comfort of an office job, drawing up plans or preparing reports. Others, however, prefer the adventure of the outside world.

For those who hate routine, there are university degrees that perfectly fit the lifestyle they’re looking for: visiting new places and enjoying nature.

If you love adventure, you could study any of the below degrees in Chile


If you study tourism, each day at work will be different from the last. Your job will be to promote top tourism destinations, giving you the opportunity to work anywhere in the world, expanding your horizons and professional future. Studying this degree in Chile offers you an unparalleled experience, enabling you to visit the memorable and inspiring landscapes of this South American country. In 2017 alone, more than six million people visited Chile, experiencing its culture and cuisine, making tourism a key sector of the country’s economy.

Marine biology

Students of marine biology have the opportunity to gain cutting-edge knowledge in the field of marine fauna and flora. This is the perfect degree for those who love the environment and want to defend it, as the professional activities of marine biologists are linked to biological, social and economic issues around marine environments, such as pollution reduction and attenuation of the environmental impact of human actions. Chile’s marine biodiversity is among the most abundant in the global ecosystem, and as such marine biologists have a great future in the country.


The astronomical horizon is endless, the sky has no limits, and Chile is a global hub for the development of this field. If you want to study astronomy, Chile is the ideal place, thanks to its natural conditions, which combine desert landscapes with the world’s largest dark sky reserves. Chile is even home to the most powerful telescopes built to date.

The experience of studying any of these degrees has the ability to enhance your career and increase your personal happiness, as you’ll have the opportunity to work in a field that you’re passionate about.

Master’s degree in oceanography

For sea-lovers, there is another option: oceanography. Oceanography is the study of seas and oceans, their structure and composition, analyzing all aspects of these water bodies, including the physical characteristics of oceans, as well as chemical, geographical and biological aspects. Each day at sea presents a different challenge, so you’ll always have a new adventure to discover in this profession.

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