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Summer: The best time of year to think about the future

During the year, we’re constantly in a rush, distracted by errands, and there’s no time to stop for a second to think about what we want for our future. Deciding what we’re going to do for the rest of our lives is not something we should take lightly nor something we can think of while waiting in line at the supermarket.

Summer is starting and this is the time when we can put a stop on our routine. The best moment to disconnect, take a few days off, enjoy the weather and clear your thoughts.

A lot of us are closing cycles in order to start new ones, and usually, new cycles catch us at confusing times. There are plenty of uncertainties that can begin to suffocate us. What are you going to study? Where are you going to work? In which city? With what money?

Clear Your Thoughts

The best option in this situation is to plan, but before completing that step we must be certain of what we want. This is a decision that should be taken calmly, trying to listen to ourselves.

Go to a Quiet Place

If you can, escape the city, go on a trip to a place that’s peaceful and that you like—maybe the beach, the country side, a lake, etc. We recommend you use that time to ask yourself various questions.

What things do I like? Where would I like to study? Where do I see myself in 5 or 10 years? Think about what’s important to you, what makes you feel comfortable and happy; if you want to be close or far from your family, or if you want to see new places, etc.

Sunbathing in Front of the Sea

Probably a good example of a moment of tranquility to think about your future is sunbathing at the beach, looking out into the sea.

Relax your mind and your emotions, take advantage of the fact that you’re not in a stressful situation and that you’re away from things that might confuse you.

The summer is definitely a good period to get to know ourselves and to understand what is it that we want to achieve in the future. Don’t forget that that the most important thing is to be sure of your decisions and not to take lightly those that may determine your future.

Everything You Need to Know About Going on a Student Exchange

Making the decision of going on a student exchange is not easy. We need to be responsible with the planning of this challenge.

In order to avoid any problems or surprises that may ruin your experience, it is necessary to be informed of all the details, from the weather of your destination to some of the documents you will need.

Where Should I Go for my Exchange?

Once you have decided the destination of your exchange, it is important to do some research on the place; from its traditions and customs to its weather, so you can pack adequate clothes.

On the other hand, we suggest you investigate the safe and unsafe areas of the country you chose, since there are always areas that it’s best to avoid.

Evaluate Expenses and How Much Money You Will Need

Going on exchange implies various expenses. It is good to plan and to be organized beforehand in terms of what you’ll be spending your money on, like food, accommodation, outings, etc. Here you can find a guide to help you plan.

Language: At Least Some Basic Skills

It’s important that you can communicate in the language of the country you chose. It’s not about being an expert because you’ll learn during your stay, but it’s good to know some basic terms so you’re able to communicate with locals when you first arrive.

Documentation: All the Necessary Paperwork

You must be informed about each and every document that is required to go on exchange, from the documents that are required by the university you’ve chosen to the ones the country asks of you to enter: passport, visa, ID, among others (this will always vary according to your destination, so you must do your research).

New School and Subjects

Do some research on the school where you’ll study, the methodologies they use, how demanding it is, type of programs that they teach, and above all, the type of evaluations. This last point is key, since this place will be your home away from home during your exchange.

Finally, it’s always good to consider the experiences of other people that have gone on exchange to other countries, so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest.