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The lake or the Beach? In Chile You Can Enjoy Both

When we make the decision of traveling to another country for our studies, we know that we also need to consider some variables like the places we would like to explore. Even though studying is the most important part of the experience, it is also important to see the different tourist attractions that a country has to offer.

We search for destinations that have interesting places to visit. Some travelers prefer the sand and the sea, and getting lost swimming in the waves; others prefer lakes and their tranquil waters, but what would you think of a place where you can enjoy both?

In Chile you can live both experiences. All through the country you can find beaches, lakes, and rivers; and the good thing is that traveling within the country is not complicated.

Where to travel in Chile?

The northern part of the country stands out due to its incredible beaches and in the southern areas, you can enjoy wonderful lakes.

Most of the country’s lakes are located in the south. The lakes stand out due to their surrounding landscape and their tranquil waters; usually being located at the foothills of volcanoes. Some of the most well-known lakes in the country are Lake Calafquén, Lake Todos los Santos, Lake Cucao, Lake Caburga, among others.

Further south, towards the Patagonia, you can visit one of the biggest lakes in the country: Lake General Carrera (for this one, we recommend allowing more than one day, so it’d be better to visit during your school break). And if you’re studying in Santiago, you can plan a visit to Lake Rapel, that’s only 2 hours away.

Chilean Beaches

The best beaches of our country can be found towards the north; however, the central and southern areas also have some beaches so you can enjoy the waves wherever you are.

To the north, the most well-known beaches are Playa la Virgen, Las Cujas, Totoralillo, Cavancha, among others. Towards the south, you can find Playa Ramuntcho and Cóndor Creek. And finally, those that are closer to the Metropolitan Region include Maitencillo, Algarrobo and Viña del Mar.

You definitely have many options to plan your itinerary for the weekends or school breaks. Our country stands out due to its varied landscape and it’s up to you to visit one of them or more than one.

Discover the Programs you Can Study if You’re a Fan of Science

Have you always been attracted to the world of science? If you’re one of those who enjoys being in a lab, learning different formulas, inventing new products or researching the different ways of understanding nature, the environment, or space, you’re definitely a science lover.

In the world of science there’s a great variety of areas on which you can focus according to your interests. There are areas related to engineering, astronomy, chemistry, the environment, and so on.

Below, you can find a list of the programs related to this are of knowledge.

General Biology

This area of science studies living organisms and their characteristics, from their origin to their evolution, to the properties these need or provide; particles and microparticles are a good example of the organisms that these branch studies. Within general biology you can find subareas like microbiology and zoology.

Life Sciences

This area also studies living organisms, but it focuses on human beings and plants. Some of the programs associated to this area are human physiology, biochemistry, botanic sciences, and zoology.


Physics focuses on gaining knowledge of the universe through the study of movement, energy and matter. This program can have concentrations on atomic or nuclear physics.


This area of science concentrates on the study of soil and it can be divided in different categories according to the ways of carrying out the studies.


The focus of astronomy is the components of the universe, where every celestial body that is part of it—from planets to stars—play a fundamental role.

This program can have 2 tracks, one being much more practical, devoting itself to field work: and the other being much more theoretical, invested in research and discovering the answers to different questions.

These are only some of the programs in the area of science and in order to choose the right one for you, you need to be clear on your area of interest, so we recommend that you continue doing your own research of the ones that interest you the most.