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5 places in Chile You Didn’t Know Existed

Chile is a long country, and, as a consequence, it has a great variety of climates and places to visit. This makes for a very long list of tourist attractions. In the north, an arid and desert-like climate is found, whereas the southern end of the country offers a more humid weather, and therefore, green landscapes with lush forests.

Maybe you’ve heard about Bahía Inglesa, Torres del Paine, Villarrica, Punta Arenas, Iquique, among others. However, all the regions in Chile have amazing places to visit, even some that are not really well-known, and which we barely knew existed.

Here is a list of 5 places you didn’t know existed in Chile and that you should add to your list of places to visit.

  1. Juncal Waterfall in the Atacama Region

In the Atacama region, towards the cordillera, you can live an adventure in the Juncada Waterfall, a place that during winter offers a wonderful view of the frozen waterfall.

The vistas from the Atacama Cordillera are amazing throughout the year, but during cold season, when the water of the waterfall solidifies, they are truly breath-taking. Moreover, there are also thermal baths in the same place.


  1. Legía Lagoon in the Antofagasta Region

In the northern part of Chile, in the Antofagasta region, you’ll marvel at one of the few saltwater lagoons located towards the high plateau area.

At 4,350 meters above sea level, you’ll be able to appreciate the reflection of the sky and of the volcanic belt in the waters of the lagoon.


  1. Polloquere Termal Baths

In the Surire Salt Flat National Monument, located in the Arica and Parinacota Region, you can find two lagoons with temperatures around 60ºC, which are the hottest thermal waters in the country.

While you enjoy a bath in the water full of minerals you can also appreciate the landscape and the fauna that surrounds the area; among the fauna present in this place, you can find a great number of flamencos, and because of this, it is necessary to keep quiet.


  1. La Olla Waterfall in Puyehue

In the south of Chile, in the Los Lagos region, towards Puyehue, you can find a waterfall that’s 20 meters high, which is surrounded by a lush forest and rocks that turn reddish due to the effect of the water. Depending on the dates you visit, the intensity of the water falling will vary.


  1. Jeinimeni Lunar Valley

The Aysén region keeps a lot of secrets, and one of those is the Jeinimeni Lunar Valley. Surrounded by strange rock formations of intense red colors, you’ll feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie.


Solidarity, the best barrier for this pandemic

We’re currently living through a situation that hasn’t been experienced for generations on a global level; a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) which has caused many countries to close their borders. In Chile, this decision was taken on March 16 for all foreigners arriving by plane, boat or land in order to avoid further spreading the virus. As a network of higher education institutions, we also want to disclose the measures adopted by our member institutions.

Although this is a transitory situation, what we need most right now is solidarity. We must work together to overcome the rapid spread of infections. This pandemic will put to the test our empathy and commitment to common, and not only individual, wellbeing. As such, the message is clear: stay at home and leave the house only when strictly necessary. In this way, we can all take care of each other.

The university community and vocational schools in Chile have decided to suspend classes, and are taking measures to facilitate the continuity of international students’ education at home, offering in most cases the option of attending online classes.

We ask the community that follows us on our platforms, those who have visited Chile, and students currently in our country or thinking about coming in the future for their solidarity, and to adhere to the prevention guidelines issued by each country and international health authorities.

Chile has already taken a series of measures, based on the experience of other countries. Once this situation has resolved, we will be waiting for you to come and enjoy the experience of living and studying in Chile.