2nd International Fair at Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins opened the borders of the academic world

4 May, 2018


With informative talks, culinary exhibitions and stands for foreign entities, Interinstitutional Relations Directorate of Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins held the 2nd International Fair UBO 2018, a gathering held in parallel in the Rondizzoni Conference Room and in the Library of the same university campus, with the objective of promote the initiative to expand the academic world of the students of the institution.

For the second consecutive year, students, collaborators and authorities of the UBO tasted the typical dishes presented by more than 15 countries, in the stands attended by exchange students and Higher Education Institutions representatives in mobility agreement. In addition, attendees were able to obtain information on exchange programs, scholarships, language courses and work opportunities abroad.

“Lately, the process of training students in a globalized world requires the development of intercultural competences and skills to adapt and develop successfully in diverse contexts and communities to be deployed. Thus, they acquire the skills and experiences that can make a difference in the professional, academic and human fields,” said Alain Carrier, vice chancellor of UBO’s Relation with the Environment.

After finishing the day, the director of Interinstitutional Relations, Virginie Delalande, made a positive balance at a qualitative level, given the quality of the exhibitions and information delivered; and quantitative, due to the high turnout of the public.

“We were able to call more exhibitors, install more stands and have more people than last year; also, we noticed a greater interest from UBO students, because they came with more specific questions. In general, it was much better than the first version,” she added.

In May, the Directorate of Inter-Institutional Relations will hold an informative talk for students of Journalism, Public Relations, Computer Engineering, Industrial Civil Engineering, Pedagogy in Basic General Education and Chemistry and Pharmacy, in which they will tackle special programs for a semester abroad.