3 Techniques to Relax

8 April, 2021


A new year begins, and with this, new responsibilities come. Fear, questions and pressure can cause a state of anxiety and worry even before everything unfolds. It is important to start the academic year in peace and here are some tips to do so.

These different techniques will allow your body to manage the stress or anxiety that you may feel every now and then. The aim of relaxing is not only to be at peace or to distract yourself, but the idea is that this becomes part of your day to day to diminish the effect that your worries may have on your mind and on your body.

  1. Relax from within

The aim of this technique is to make use of visual tools as well as of your body’s conscience.

The idea is to repeat words, thoughts or advice that can help you relax your body and diminish the tension in your muscles. For example, you can think of a phrase that makes you feel well, close your eyes, repeat in your mind, and finally focus on your breathing.


  1. Relax Your Muscles

Our muscles are the first to tense up in a stressful situation. Sometimes we don’t even notice it, but then come the ache and the pain.

A good technique to relax your muscles is to slowly tense them up and then relax them. For example, you can clench your fists as hard as you can and then you can release them slowly. The aim is for you to feel how every part of your body is liberated with this type of exercise.


  1. Imagine and Visualize

Your mind is stronger than you think and within it lies every positive moment of your life.

The aim of this technique is to use your mind and senses to imagine a place that makes you feel good so you can focus on that. For example, if the countryside is a space that relaxes you, imagine it, try to perceive its smells, the wind, and close your eyes so you can enjoy the calm that a place like this brings you.