4 Tips to Control Anxiety at Home

15 May, 2020


Anxiety is something that everyone can experience in their daily life. In these situations, we can be consumed by different worries and fears, even more so in the context of the current quarantine which forces us to stay home. It is important to learn to control these feelings so they do not overcome us physically and mentally.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a state that almost everyone may experience, some in an unconscious way and at different levels. This state is triggered by everyday concerns that may generate stress, like school, work, family, etc.

Anxiety provokes a feeling of fear and anguish, which can be permanent. In some cases, anxiety can lead to panic attacks.

How do I know if I Have Symptoms of Anxiety?

Symptoms can be varied, and they range from fear, sweating, anguish, to finding trouble breathing or fear of dying. These can be accompanied by chest pain and heart palpitations.

The experience of anxiety is different for everyone, but if we start feeling anxious about a particular situation is good to learn how to keep it under control.

How Can I Control my Anxiety?

Remember that this feeling can be something that experience occasionally throughout your life, that is to say, it’s temporary and you can add certain activities to your routine to feel better. However, if you think that your anxiety is persistent, with symptoms that intensify, it’s good to talk to a specialist.

Here we give you some tips to keep your anxiety under control:

  1. Exercise

If by being at home, you feel limited when it comes to clearing your mind, an excellent aid for that is exercising so you can release endorphins.

Look for tutorials on YouTube or Instagram, make up a routine, use some of the equipment you have at home and start exercising in the way that’s most comfortable for you. Maybe an online Yoga class or a dance class might help you get you out of your routine.

  1. Distract Yourself

Distraction is essential when controlling anxiety. When we start feeling anxious we make the mistake of holding on to our negative thoughts when what we should do is stopping them.

Negative thoughts create a feeling of anguish, which can increase if we don’t stop those ideas by ourselves. What you have to do is to concentrate on other things, think about happy moments in your life, look for photos of places that give you peace, listen to music, cook, etc.

It’s very important and it’s completely up to you to change your focus immediately and fill your mind with thoughts that can generate happiness or calmness.

  1. Relax

Try meditating in your room every morning or during the day if it’s necessary. Do some breathing exercises as well, this will help you calm your mind and your body.

If you don’t know where to start and you’ve never meditated before, look for a tutorial online. Or, simply, press play on a song that brings you peace and start breathing with your eyes closed.

  1. Try Some Natural Solutions

Chamomile and Melissa tea are key to help the body relax. Prepare an infusion, look for a place in your home that’s comfortable and enjoy this natural medicine and you’ll be able to see how your body enters a state of tranquility and calmness.