Learn Spanish in Chile

Throughout the country, our institutions offer Spanish-language programs with different levels and durations, depending on your prior proficiency in the language. The options available include everything from basic courses to advanced or technical programs, as well as international certifications.

The courses offered are complemented by cultural activities and guidance on Chilean and Latin American culture. Students should also check whether these courses provide transferable credits to their home universities.

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Semester and exchange programs

These programs run between March and June, and August and December. You can gain in-depth knowledge of Chilean and Latin American culture through daily life and complementary courses.

Depending on your level of Spanish-language proficiency, you can choose Spanish courses of different levels in areas including teaching Spanish, translation and interpretation, language and communication, and Hispanic literature, among others.

Intensive programs

Duration of between four weeks and two months. These programs are run in January, February, June and July.

They provide the opportunity for students to improve their Spanish comprehension and fluency in a short period of time. Intensive programs include classes, guided visits and complementary activities.

Subject-specific and tailor-made programs

The content and format of these courses depend on the requirements of the overseas university. Chilean universities can organize classes, seminars and activities according to requirements, or provide support for visiting professors to run intensive courses with their students.

Areas of study may include: business and administration, international logistics, international relations, architecture and heritage, Chilean and Latin American culture and history, literature and linguistics, health and social services, agriculture, winemaking and gastronomy, among others.

Spanish-language certifications

Several Chilean institutions offer the DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) certification program, in association with the Cervantes Institute.

DELE diplomas are valid for life, and are adopted by schools and universities as a complement to their own assessment systems, certifying Spanish-language proficiency for non-native speakers.


“… in my opinion, studying Spanish is a great choice for my future, given how highly valued the commercial relationships between China and Latin American countries are currently”.


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