Social security and political stability

Chile has managed to become a true magnet for development, for locals and for professionals around the world, thanks to the strength of its economy and institutions. With a privileged geography that gives life to the most varied landscapes and cultures, Chile receives foreigners with a perfect blend of natural beauty, social security, political stability, growing human development and modern infrastructure.


We are workers by nature and we unite, in spite of the distances imposed by geography, to give life to a buzzing society, with a young spirit, that loves freedom and respects diversity. The love for a land that thrives between the mountain range and the ocean gives shape to an idiosyncrasy where each town and city have their own peculiarities which reflect their natural environment.


The gastronomy of Chile is a product of the mixture between the indigenous tradition and the Spanish colonial contribution, combining their food, customs and culinary habits. In this way, in a restaurant you can taste from the typical Chilean empanadas, to a ceviche, a sandwich of roasted meat or an octopus to the olive tree and conclude with a delicious snowed milk or a dessert of delicious red fruits from the south of the country.

Traditions and customs

Chile preserves and recreates the essence of an ancestral in festivities that enchant and envelop its participants, Chileans and foreigners: Costumes and masks shine in the rays of the sun at the Tirana Festival. Myths and legends come back to life in the Polynesian Easter Island. In Chiloé, the supportive Minga celebrates community ties. And during September, the whole country meets for almost a whole week to celebrate our traditions during the National Holidays.

Literature and poetry

Inspiration is born at the end of the world. Chile has seen writers, novelists, poets and antipoets born. The landscapes of the Elqui Valley marked the life and work of the first Nobel Prize for Latin American Literature, Gabriela Mistral. Pablo Neruda, also winner of the Nobel Prize, has consecrated himself as the poet of the most reproduced verses in the world. Nicanor Parra, Isabel Allende and Alejandro Jodorowski add to this popularity.


Historically, Catholicism has been the predominant religion within the territory. Its legacy can be admired in the cathedral of Santiago and the more than 400 native wood churches in Chiloé, of which 16 were declared World Heritage by Unesco. It is the inheritance of the beliefs brought by the Spanish conquerors, however, today in our society a variety of beliefs and practices coexist under a wide freedom of worship.

Wines of world excellence

With its roots in the southernmost part of the Americas, the Chilean vines keep the consecrated tradition of the Old World and give rise to internationally appreciated wines. For its Mediterranean climate and the health of its soils and its natural borders, which protect the quality of the fruits from the origin, which has allowed the survival of strains such as the Carmenere, which was believed to be extinct and today surprises the most demanding sommeliers.


You cannot visit Chile without playing a pichanga. In a country where football is king, the achievements of our athletes bring and unite fans in all cities under one passion. Our land offer kilometers of territory open to exploration, with an ideal coastline for water sports and wild landscapes to go on challenging adventures. It is not surprising that Chile has been chosen for three consecutive years as the best destination in the world for adventure tourism.