Discover the Chilean medicinal herbs that will help you relieve stress

15 July, 2020


Long study sessions, an intense academic workload and the pressure of exams can leave us exhausted. However, in Chile, there are a variety of medicinal herbs that can help you manage your stress, in addition to help you improve your concentration and performance at school.

Long ago, the different aboriginal peoples of Chile used plants, herbs and flowers as medicine to cure illnesses and pain. This tradition is maintained in popular culture to this day and these herbs are used by Chileans on a daily basis as alternative medicine.

The properties of Chilean medicinal herbs are of great help if we prefer a natural approach to our health. Their consumption can be through infusions, vapor or creams.

Here we tell you about some of them, so you can use them to manage your stress.


It works as a stimulant for your organism, in addition to toning your nervous and circulatory systems, and thus benefitting your memory. You can have it as an infusion or use it as a condiment on your meals.


If stress and anxiety cause stomach pain, then you must try chamomile. It works similarly to a painkiller that relieves the symptoms caused by anxiety. It is ideal to drink as an infusion.


Nervous tension can cause pain in different parts of your body, and it can even lead to sleeping problems. If you need to relieve your body from pain, as well as a little help to relax before going to sleep, then, we recommend having a valerian infusion at night, as valerian works as a natural sedative.


One of the main properties of this herb is that it works as natural tranquilizer that is of great help for those situations that can cause stress. In addition to this, it relieves the effects of anxiety in our body and it helps us manage insomnia.

Remember that, like any medicine, medicinal herbs must be consumed in a responsible manner.