Universidad Austral de Chile

The Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh) is a distinguished Latin American academic institution with more than 67 years of experience educating professionals who are highly competitive at both the national and international levels. It has 4 campus located in south-central Chile and Chilean Patagonia, which are notable for their unique natural surroundings.

Currently, UACh offers 65 undergraduate degrees, 30 master’s programs, 11 doctoral programs, and 11 medical specialties, and it is home to over 15,500 students. The university receives undergraduate students from many different countries around the world, and international students comprise 15% of its graduate enrollment.

Outreach is another key area of the Universidad Austral de Chile, including a folkloric ballet and music group, the Valdivia International Film Festival (one of the most important in the country), university choruses, a musical conservatory, and a chamber orchestra. The university also runs several museums in Valdivia and southern Chile through its own Department of Museology.

Research at UACh has an extensive trajectory encompassing all the disciplinary areas that characterize a comprehensive modern university, and it is positioned at 4th place nationally in research output according to the Scimago ranking (2019).

UACh maintains intimate ties to the nearby regions and territories and beyond, and from local links to global outreach, it has continually preserved and lived up to its founding mission, expressed simply by the enduring motto “Knowledge and Nature.”