DUOC UC: Tourism and Hospitality (English Program)

8-semester program taught completely in English. It is part of Duoc UC’s School of Tourism. It leads to a professional degree.

For Duoc UC, the idea of improving the quality and sustainability of the touristic Chilean offer is directly related to the English level in our country. Facing one of the biggest challenges for national tourism, the institution created the Tourism and Hospitality program, an alternative that ensures its students will be prepared to be bilingual professionals.

The main objective of this degree is to create specialists with a strong passion for customer service and for getting to know and present new cultures of the world. In this sense, the main idea about the teaching methodology is to promote -through advanced language knowledge-an excellent communication in an intercultural level, and so, offering a better customer service in the tourism industry.

The integral formation of the student who chooses this program is directly related to the English learning process and a good use of the technical terminology is the area. For its total development, the program has a good infrastructure with instructional workshops, like a restaurant, a kitchen and a simulator room; laboratories with special software related to the industry; and field trips within the region, as well as outside the region and the country.

At the moment this is the only program with this characteristic according to Eduardo Quevedo, director of the career Tourism and Hospitality of Duoc UC. “When it was created, this was the only program of its kind in Latin America and currently, according to our data, this is the only degree 100% in English in South America. This is very important for our students, because it allows them to attend a program with a high language immersion, with technical knowledge that will offer them better mobility opportunities, for both studying and working”, explains Quevedo.

Mango Wang, originally from Zhejiang is a tourism student in his home country. His dream of visiting South American countries brought him to Chile, he is very interested in visiting its diverse landscapes, try the excellent quality of Chilean wines, and to continue his studies at Duoc UC.

“I like tourism, and I think I’ve learned a lot through this program, it’s useful for me. Tourism and hospitality has a great potential worldwide” explains Mango, highlighting the warm welcome from his classmates: “Lots of hospitality, I love it” he explains.

Among the advantages Wang identifies in attending the Tourism and Hospitality classes, is the use of English as well as Spanish. Additionally, he thinks that having classes offered in English facilitates his understanding in terms of content, but what he really enjoys is sharing with Chilean students with whom he learns Spanish outside the classroom, “I’m going to handle two languages. This is important especially for those studying tourism”.

While he is in our country for academic reasons, he can’t wait to visit the Atacama Desert, the southern zone, and the Chilean Patagonia, along with the national parks and reserves that found from north to south in Chile.