Go UAndes Leadership

Learn About Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Chile

Registration is available for the second edition of GO UANDES, an intensive program to be held in January at the University of the Andes, located in Santiago, Chile.

This program, created by the Department of International Relations, will bring together students and young professionals from all around the world and in an intensive course of 2, 3 or 4, weeks depending on choosing, on Political Leadership, Economics and Entrepreneurship, all in the context of the Chilean culture. In addition, students will have classes of Spanish as a foreign language (for those who do not speak it) or English for academic purposes, for those Spanish-speakers.

The program has sessions linking to 4 units. These are Political Leadership, Economy and Entrepreneurship, Chilean Culture and Language (Spanish as a foreign language or English for academic purposes). Besides, cultural tours are included to live a complete experience.