UCH – Undergraduate programs and degrees

Every year, the Universidad de Chile receives more than six thousand students from different parts of Chile and the world, who enroll in one of the 72 undergraduate programs or degrees we offer. For every student, our commitment is to prepare them as professionals of excellence and integral citizens who contribute to the resolution of the current challenges of knowledge and society. There is extensive infrastructure and technology on the five university campuses, as well as in research buildings, health care centers, museums, theaters, observatories, and sports centers.

The University has two types of admissions: through the Bachelor Academic Program and by direct enrollment to the programs. There is a special path for “People with High School Studies Abroad“; oriented to Chilean and international students who have completed their secondary education outside Chile and who want to start their higher education studies.

Conditions to apply:

  1. If you attended the last year of High School outside Chile, you must have studied abroad at least the last two years (equivalent to 3rd and 4th year of High School).
  2. If you attended the last year of High School in Chile, you must have studied abroad at least the three previous years (equivalent to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd High School).
  3. To be able to attend higher education studies in the country where you finished high school.
  4. Not to apply to any program through the Centralized Access System to Higher Education during the 2022 admission process.
  5. Not to have been previously enrolled twice in the University of Chile through this special admission route.
  6. Current students of the University as of November 1, 2021, or those who have been eliminated during 2021 may participate in this admission pathway (if they meet the above criteria), but may not apply to the program to which they previously belonged.

For more information on qualifying and disqualifying conditions, please refer to points I. and II. of the 2022 Special Admission Process Instructions.

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