UDD: Especialidad Médica en Medicina de Urgencia Pediátrica

The Emergency Medicine training program of the Universidad del Desarrollo aims to train professionals with the needed knowledge and abilities to prevent, diagnose and management of emergency care conditions. Also, it includes involvement in the development of pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency medical systems, as well as involvement on pre and post-graduate teaching and research programs.

Our country requires to add professionals able to approach the area of critical patients on a complete way including the pre-hospital and in-hospital field, care, reception, resuscitation and pre-hospital and in-hospital management of non-differentiated urgent cases, the transportation processes, resuscitation, emergency services care and continuous care until its stabilization, to which the trained professional shall perform on a competent way when managing critical patients.

The specialist involvement has proved to be effective compared to the traditional model on which traditional specialists are not moved nor replaced, on the other hand, they coordinate and create links between the ambulatory health care system and the in-hospital area. Within this specialty development and, considering the evolution of this area in the world, the creation of subspecialties related to the Emergency Medicine Specialization is expected, which will broaden the work field even more.

Some subspecialties to name are: intensive medicine, international medicine, palliative care, toxicology, sports medicine, pediatric emergency medicine, hyperbaric medicine and wilderness medicine.