UDD: Masters’s Degree in Art Therapy

This program is the first Master’s Degree in Art Therapy taught in Chile, by UDD’s Faculty of Architecture and Art in collaboration with the Faculty of Psychology and Medicine. An innovative and pioneering initiative of Universidad del Desarrollo and Espaciocrea, Center of Art Therapy and Psychodrama.

The program seeks to be an opportunity for the professionalization in Chile and the Southern Cone Region, forming Art Therapists with solid theoretical, methodological, practical and ethical bases. It emphasizes the clinical and experiential area, as well as in the diverse applications of this discipline, fostering competences for the insertion in multidisciplinary teams, the development, the contribution to the investigation and the creation and implementation of projects at country level.

The discipline of Art Therapy is the result of a step towards the sophistication of advanced societies to study and deal with the evolution and well-being of the individual in the contemporary world. The therapeutic worth of arts has generated an alternative in the areas of Medicine, Education and Social Service.

Arte Terapia began its development in the middle of the 20th century, in the United States, England, Israel, France and Germany, among other countries. In some of them it is recognized as a profession and inserted in the contexts of health, education and social spheres.

The Art Therapy is a specialization which, through the use of various artistic means, facilitates the exploration and understanding of intra and interpersonal processes. To do this, it uses creativity, images produced and the verbalizations associated with them for therapeutic, educational, preventive, organizational and personal development purposes.

Graduates of the areas of Health, Art, Psychology, Education, Humanities and other related careers such as: Visual Arts, Pedagogy, Differential Education, Nursery Education, Design, Kinesiology, Psychopedagogy, Medicine, Speech Therapy, Nursing, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, among others.

Applicants who hold an undergraduate degree or professional degree whose level and content of studies are equivalent to those required to obtain a bachelor’s degree from a national or foreign university (at least a 4-year study) may apply.