UDD: Medical Speciality in Neurology

The student enters this post-graduate program together with his/her teachers getting into a wide team-work which is a great chance for a complete, human and professional training.

The Faculty of Health Clínica Alemana-Universidad del Desarrollo works with the Neuroscience Institute and with a neurologists team dedicated to all sub-specialists coming from this discipline, like neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, infant neurologist, psychiatrist and other medic and paramedic specialties, with a wide clinical field on private area, like Clinica Alemana and public area, like in Hospital Padre Hurtado- with all this, students are placed on a privileged position to train a Neurologist specialist able to perform on a remarkable way on private or public service, as well as in teaching and research fields. To our knowledge, no other university in Chile gathers this diversity of professionals and clinical fields available for a thorough specialist training.

The graduate will be a medical surgeon capable of an efficient and updated work on Neurology either on public or private service in Chile, on moderate-complexity and high-complexity health centers and on ambulatory or in-hospital care. The graduate will be proper condition to continue his/her professional development in any of Neurology sub-specialties.

Having the training programs a research and teaching methodology, this eventually allows the graduate to continue an academic career, become a researcher or teacher that creates original research lines. Training within this program considers the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and abilities through a progressive training, addressed to solve complex and current medical issues.

The theoretical learning is based on discussion with the teaching teams of every patient’s particular scenario and in bibliographic, clinic and anato-clinic meetings, where is really important to have a critical attitude, inquiry and knowledge production.