UDD: Medical Specialty in Pediatrics

The main goal of this training program is to deliver a systematic and complete training on General Pediatrics which will allow the students to work as a specialist on public, clinic health and scientific research.

The training on Pediatrics answers the global need and the work is focused on the following performance areas: Nutrition, Stimulation and Supervision of child and youth development and health, Prevention and Managing of accidents and emergencies, Diagnosis and treatment of metabolic and genetic diseases, Diagnosis and treatment of Child Cancer, Detection, managing and following of congenital and from womb diseases, Detection and managing of environmental and family conditions that favor physical or mental disease on child and youth. Managing chronic diseases on child and youth which lead them to hospital admission on intermediary or intensive care units.

To fulfill all this chores demands to train a specialist able train specialist able to recognize and handle community and patients problems, show and interpreter the different diagnose and therapeutically techniques of this specialty, develop abilities to make and asses a scientific research and have an informed opinion to educate the community. This program requires exclusive dedication.