UDD: Medical Specialty in Radiology

The post-graduate program on Radiology from The Faculty of Medicine Clínica Alemana – Universidad del Desarrollo is the first program of this specialty to be accredit by APICE (Chilean agency that grants certifications for high-education programs) in 2011.

This program needs complete commitment for a 3 year periods using as clinical field the Imaging Department of the Hospital Padre Hurtado and Clínica Alemana in Santiago. In 2012, a new clinic field was added: Clínica Alemana in Temuco.

The main goal of this training program is to deliver a systematized and full training in radiology that will qualify the student as specialist on public or private health fields and in scientific research. For this, it is expected the student to reach a wide and strict knowledge allowing him/her to perform efficiently, giving competent care of the patients through an accurate support of treating doctors and, through constant learning, he/she will contribute with this specialty knowledge and be useful for all scientific-professional organizations related.

With this goal, the student is trained on areas: General Radiology Techniques; Ultrasound, Pediatric Radiology; Musculoskeletal Radiology, Cardiothoracic Radiology, Neuroradiology, CT scan, and Mammography