UDD: Medical Specialty in Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine Clínica Alemana – Universidad del Desarrollo intends to train specialist doctors with solid knowledge on: psico-biology, social and humanistic, research, teaching and management, This will allow graduates to lead the rehabilitation processes of people with disabilities –temporary or permanent- originated biophysically and/or cognitive deficiencies, through the whole life cycle. This will be made diagnosing the health issue and its treatment, emphasizing on family, job and community integration, as well as, promote and prevent conditions that could create disabilities on the population.

  • Make a physical clinical history for people with disabilities, either temporary or permanent, or at risk of getting a disability, all oriented to assess their functional capacities, cognitive and psychosocial deficiencies;
  • Define a complete biosocial diagnosis, making and/or understanding results, general and specialty diagnosis procedures and physical, adding all evaluations made by other professional from the rehabilitation team and from other specialists a person with disabilities either temporary or permanent, or at risk of getting it requires;
  • With the participation of the rehabilitation team, design a complete treatment plan that also defines the roles and activities each member of the team should take, as well as define all therapeutically procedures a specialist could do to improve activity and participation and decreasing the disabilities on the shortest period possible.
  • Administrate and manage processes on the rehabilitation practice focused on disabled people or at risk of being disabled, granting high-standard organizational cultures and administrative structures, all following a steady process improvement and to optimize the available resources usage.
  • Push the specialty’s development, a constant updating and adding new technologies to get the best quality standards on rehabilitation.
  • Always perform professional work showing scientific thinking and critical spirit, as well as a concern for continuous self-training.
  • Do specialist chores applying ethical principles when caring for patients and on professional development activities.