ULS: Master’s Programs

Universidad de La Serena is the only state university in the region of Coquimbo, Chile, that places special value in the areas of science technology, humanities and social sciences.

The ULS was established in March 20th, 1981, when the regional campuses of Universidad de Chile and the ex-Universidad Tecnica del Estado were fused together.

As part of its mission, the institution hopes to primarily develop programs for professionals and postgraduate students, placing special importance in academic quality and values, fostering a critical vision and sense of responsibility in regards to the environment.

With almost 7 thousand graduate students, Universidad de La Serena is the main place of study in the Region of Coquimbo and one of the biggest educational institutions in the northern region of the country. It currently has 40 professional programs, 21 postgraduate and diploma programs.

Master in Astronomy
Master in Physical Sciences
Master in Mathematics
Master in Computational Mechanics
Master of Science in Food Engineering
Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences, mention in Arid Zones Ecology
Master in Industrial Engineering
Master in Leadership, Management and Strategic Communication
Master in Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Occupational Illness
Master in Psychology with mention in Educational Psychology or with mention in Social Psychology or with mention in Health Psychology