UMag: Master’s Programs

The University of Magallanes is an accredited  Higher Education Institution of the Chilean State, located in the Magallanes Region, Chilean Patagonia. Oriented mainly to the human capital formation in the Region and Chilean Antarctic; to the knowledge creation, and emphasizing research applied to the reality in Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctic, developing teaching activities, research and relationship with the environment, pointing to the development of the region.

The University also highlights the collaboration agreements with national and international institutions, facilitating the exchange of experiences and technology transfer in the fields of academics and investigation, both in the Magallanes region and subantarctic and Antarctic research, also considering the exchange of students and researchers.

Master of Sciences, mention in Management and Conservation of Natural Resources in Subantarctic Environments. “Master’s Degree” accredited for 5 years until October 2020 by Qualitas Accrediting Agency.

Master in Antarctic Sciences, mention in Glaciology. “Master’s Degree” accredited for 3 years until April 2019 by Qualitas Accrediting Agency.