Universidad Austral de Chile: Ph.D. Programs

Ph.D. Programs

Graduate education underpins the strategic development of the Universidad Austral de Chile. With more than four decades of experience in this area, the university has seen almost 3,000 students graduate with master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and medical specialties. Currently, the university offers 11 doctoral programs, 30 master’s programs, and 11 medical specialties, along with 3 subspecialties. This ensemble of programs is sustained by a multidisciplinary academic body with outstanding scientific productivity across a wide spectrum of research areas, as well as strong links of international collaboration.


Note: Except in special cases where it is clearly indicated otherwise, the graduate programs of the Universidad Austral de Chile and their associated activities are conducted entirely in Spanish.

Doctorate in Marine Biology

The Doctorate in Marine Biology delivers fundamental knowledge concerning the biology and ecophysiology of marine organisms.

Doctorate in Sciences, Concentration Molecular and Cellular Biology

Its objective is the education of scientists of the highest level who develop a critical mind and the capacity to identify and resolve current problems in the field of biology.

Doctorate in Sciences, Concentration Ecology and Evolution

This academic program is oriented toward strengthening scientific development surrounding the fields of ecology and evolution with high impact both regionally and nationwide

Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences

The Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences provides the student with solid preparation in the field, both theoretical and applied, which entails independently carrying out academic and scientific activities in the area of agriculture

Doctorate in Forest Ecosystems and Natural Resources

The main objective of this program is to educate high-level researchers in the sciences associated with the management and conservation of forest ecosystems and natural resources

Doctorate in Law, concentration in Constitutionalism and Law

This program is aimed at the advanced training of lawyers of the highest intellectual level and researchers in the various fields of constitutionalism and law.

Doctorate in Human Sciences, concentration Discourse and Culture

The Doctorate in Human Sciences is aimed at developing the talents of studious professionals interested in society and culture from interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary perspectives.

Doctorado in Communication

This program is offered by the Universidad Austral de Chile in conjunction of the Universidad de La Frontera. Drawing from a high-quality and comprehensive academic formation that is relevant to the challenges facing today’s society

Doctorate in Medical Sciences

The Doctorate in Medical Sciences is aimed at developing expertise at the highest level of biomedical research in the various clinical disciplines, with the objective of strengthening investigative and technical capabilities in the health fields from a transdisciplinary perspective

Doctorate in Veterinary Sciences

The Doctorate in Veterinary Sciences has the central objective of educating high-level professionals in the field capable of understanding, integrating, and generating knowledge; identifying and providing solutions for problems; and proposing novel approaches to the development of veterinary sciences and to its application to academic, investigative, and productive activities in Chile and beyond.

Doctorate in Aquaculture Sciences

This academic program has a strong interdisciplinary focus with an emphasis on biological factors relevant to the diversification and sustainability (environmental, sanitary, and socioeconomic) of aquaculture activity