Universidad Austral de Chile: Undergraduate Programs

The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, which are underpinned by high-level research and development in the following areas: natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical sciences and human health, agriculture and forest sciences, and social sciences and humanities.


Cities are constantly growing, providing us with new challenges. In order to take them on, UACh trains architects of great professional integrity who are highly qualified and have taken on leadership roles, allowing them to solve the problems that the urban world faces on a daily basis.

Visual Arts

Our degree program is aimed specifically at students with creative capacities and manual skills who are interested in arts and culture, and who in addition possess clear preparedness in terms of research ability, determination, self-criticism, and acceptance of a work routine, both personally and in group activities.

Musical interpretation

Its objective is to provide the student with theoretical and practical training that will allow him/her to acquire the necessary skills to decode and understand the musical text.

 Music and Sound Arts

Our school emphasizes the creation, composition, and execution of musical and sound works with artistic criteria using distinct media, both in disciplinary and transdisciplinary terms. We are rigorous in our approach, which values listening capacity, sociocultural diversity, and heritage.


Our students practice design as a reflective, methodical, and participatory act, and likewise as one of synthesis, facilitating coherence between the process and its products.

Audiovisual Creation

We educate professionals in the areas of audiovisual creation, production, management, and research, emphasizing the construction of narratives that reflect on social, political, and cultural issues in the region from perspectives of both classical and experimental cinematography.

Marine Biology

Understanding our hydro-biological resources and researching their evolution and development constitutes an essential task for the future of this plane


Researching the origin of life and understanding how it is composed and structured is the task of the biochemist or chemist of the living world.

Bachelor of Science with Specific Concentration

The Bachelor of Science with concentration in Biology, Physics, Mathematics, or Chemistry is the “first degree” of your academic career, and through it you will receive a comprehensive education in the sciences and in the use of the scientific method.


The degree program in geography aims to prepare professionals with a wide-ranging education who are capable of taking on the complex problems afflicting twenty-first-century society


With a five-year educational track emphasizing the geology of Chilean Patagonia, we offer a robust training in the field, including a choice of focusing on environmental geology or economic geology during the final two semesters of the program.

Chemistry and Pharmaceutics 

The School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutics has the mission of educating healthcare professionals who are experts in medicines and other chemical substances with biological activity.


The agronomist educated at the Universidad Austral de Chile has a solid scientific and technological education and an attitude geared toward innovation, entrepreneurship, and adaptation

Food Engineering

Food engineers graduating from the Universidad Austral de Chile is a professional with a robust knowledge base in the agri-food sciences.

Tourism Business Administration

Graduates from UACh’s program in the tourism business administration are capable of planning, operating, and developing touristic activities.

Public Administration

Our program in public administration includes a solid education in public administration and political sciences, enabling the formation of professionals who are capable of effectively administrating and managing various public resources and agencies.


The Universidad Austral de Chile trains accountant auditors capable of operating in a global business environment characterized by constant change.

Commercial Engineering

This degree program trains professionals in business management with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and international vision. We deliver a curriculum that encompasses the distinct knowledge areas of this field.

Conservation and Natural Resource Engineering

Conservation and natural resources engineers at the Universidad Austral de Chile are professionals who balance the conservation of natural resources and the diverse necessities related to the goods and services that society demands.


This degree program has the objective of educating professionals in law and social sciences who are capable of performing with strength and rigor in the diverse areas in which law is practiced.

Veterinary Medicine

Our graduates are professionals who, supported by excellent teaching and robust infrastructure, are prepared to solve problems in animal health, animal production, public veterinary health, animal environments, and hygiene and food technology.

Bachelor of Science with Specific Concentration

The Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Biology, Physics, Mathematics, or Chemistry is the “first degree” of your academic career, and through it, you will receive a comprehensive education in the sciences and the use of the scientific method.

Acoustic Engineering

We are pioneers in the education of acoustics and sound professionals. Our engineers are prepared to offer innovative solutions that incorporate technological, economic, environmental, and social factors.

Electronic Engineering 

The world of electronics is advancing, and professionals who can take on new challenges are needed. For this reason, at UACh we educate civil electronic engineers prepared to take part in studies, designs, and projects in the construction of electronic systems, participating actively in technological innovation.

Civil Industrial Engineering

The civil industrial engineer educated at the Universidad Austral de Chile is a specialist in organizational management. He or she has the capacity to envision, design, implement, and operate systems, processes, and products for the achievement of the strategic objectives of an organization.

 Civil Engineering in Computer Science

In a globalized society in which the use of information technology becomes more important each day, professionals of high merit are needed.

Civil Engineering

A civil engineer from the Universidad Austral de Chile is a professional with robust knowledge of materials, geotechnical, hydraulic, and environmental engineering, as well as anti-seismic structures and project management.

 Mechanical Engineering 

The civil mechanical engineer educated at UACh is a professional who is highly prepared for project development in the areas of energy, mining, materials, mechanics, structures, fluids, and the control and automation of manufacturing processes for goods and services.

Construction Engineering

We train professionals with a distinctive seal of excellence and ethical and moral values, which stand out during the working life in this field.

 Naval Engineering

We are the only university in Chile with a degree program in naval engineering. For more than 50 years, we have educated professionals capable of designing, calculating, constructing, and operating ships and other marine devices


If you are interested in studying the relationship between cultural and socio-environmental processes from an interdisciplinary perspective and in a context of interculturalism at local, regional, national, and international levels, then our anthropology program is for you.

Pedagogy in English Language Communication

We offer an innovative pedagogical project that delivers and fosters linguistic abilities in English as a means of communication complementary to the mother tongue.

Pedagogy in Physical Education, Sport and Recreation

At UACh, we train teachers in physical education, sports, and recreation with knowledge of motor skills in the context of the human and social sciences. Our graduates are highly competent in terms of professional skills, pedagogical abilities, and the management of specialty areas.

Preschool Education Teacher

The Preschool Education Teacher is an autonomous professional who designs, executes and evaluates learning environments to facilitate the development of knowledge in childhood.

Pedagogy in History and Social Sciences

The Universidad Austral de Chile trains teachers of history and social sciences who are prepared to study and grasp current social issues with an interdisciplinary vision and to promote the teaching of democratic values.

Pedagogy in Language and Communication

Studying pedagogy in language and communication at UACh will transform you into a teacher who is highly trained in the correct use of the Spanish language and in the understanding of various communicative situations.


The journalist educated at UACh is a highly qualified professional capable of performing effectively in diverse processes of communication and expressing related information through various social communication media.


The Universidad Austral de Chile trains primary care physicians with strong biological, psychological, and social knowledge bases, allowing them to appropriately address outreach, prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation in the field of healthcare.


We offer a complete education to dental surgeons with robust scientific and humanistic knowledge bases and problem-solving skills.


Kinesiology can be understood as, on the one hand, the science of human movement, and on the other, like physical therapy, or kinesiotherapy.

Medical Technology 

Medical technologists from the Universidad Austral de Chile are university-level professionals integrated into healthcare teams, possessing a solid scientific education, and capable of carrying out and validating examinations and procedures and applying specific treatments according to their specializations.


Studying Nursing at the Universidad Austral de Chile, you will become a comprehensive and competent professional capable of providing the care and support that individuals, families, and communities require, encouraging self-care, illness prevention, recovery, rehabilitation, and help for people with terminal conditions.

Obstetrics and Childcare

At UACh, we educate midwives with solid ethical, humanistic, scientific, and technological foundations.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapy degree program at the Universidad Austral de Chile educates healthcare professionals oriented toward facilitating, accompanying, and aiding individuals in their participation in significant activities and their optimal performance within relevant social and cultural contexts.


As a psychology student, you will receive the education necessary to be a general psychologist capable of coordinating knowledge and competencies to evaluate, diagnose, and intervene in processes that involve individuals, groups, and organizations.