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PUCV: Contemporary Latin American Films (English course)

Through the revision of Filming Work produced in Latin America, this course invites students to develop a deeper appreciation of the complexities which embody Latin American and the significant political, economic, social and aesthetic tensions that have characterized the region.

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UBB: Master’s Programs

Here, international students have the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies or student exchange programs covering various areas of knowledge, such as Engineering, Health Sciences, Business, Education and Humanities, Science, Architecture, Construction and Design.

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UCSC: Diplomados

Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción is a Catholic higher educational institution, member of the Council of Rectors of the Chilean Universities.

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PUCV: Certificate courses of Spanish as a foreign language (DELE)

El Instituto Cervantes, institución pública creada por España en 1991 para la promoción y la enseñanza de la lengua española y para la difusión de la cultura española e hispanoamericana, te ofrece la posibilidad certificar tu nivel de conocimientos de español mediante los Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE).

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UDD: Medical Specialty in Dermatology

The development of this new Dermatology specialization program answers the social commitment mission of our Medical School has on collaborating on decrease the lack of Dermatologist in Chile, and on a second point, produce a new dermatologist profile, oriented on being an active party on translational medicine.

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Santo Tomás: PhD in Conservation and Management of Biodiversity

Despite the progress made in developing and strengthening environmental institutions and the environmental regulatory framework of our country, the current model of economic development based on the extraction of natural resources has brought with it an increase of pressures and impacts on the natural and human systems.

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Santo Tomás: Undergraduate Programs and Courses

Santo Tomás is an educational entity with national presence and more than 42 years in the service of educating people. We teach 103 undergraduate degrees and 45 graduate programs. We are in 23 locations from Arica to Punta Arenas, among which you can find our University, Professional Institute and Technical Training Center.

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UDD: Medical Specialty in Radiology

The post-graduate program on Radiology from The Faculty of Medicine Clínica Alemana - Universidad del Desarrollo is the first program of this specialty to be accredit by APICE (Chilean agency that grants certifications for high-education programs) in 2011.

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UMCE: PhD in Education

The Doctor of Education program of Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación aims to strengthen the scientific community in the field of education and related disciplines, forming highly qualified researchers who contribute to the innovation and improvement of education through the construction of new knowledge, pertinent to the demands of the present society.

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UCM: Carreras y Cursos de Pregrado

Universidad Católica del Maule is an autonomous, non-profit higher education institution that, according to Christian values, seeks the meaning of science and technology to put it at the service of people’s integral development, with quality research and knowledge delivery in accordance with the needs of the environment and its sustainability.

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