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UVM: Undergraduate Careers and Courses

With five headquarters in the fifth region, the University of Viña del Mar is a university integrated into a global network of higher institutions. He has 25 years of experience and seeks to promote exchange, opportunities and access to higher education for youth and adults.

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UA: PhD Programs

Universidad Autónoma de Chile presents its UA Postgraduate program, which offers you the possibility to progress in your training beyond the academic field, and to introduce you fully in the business field. 17 doctors of academic excellence from Europe are in charge of this program, which gives it a status of specialization and unique knowledge.

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Go UAndes Leadership

Está abierta la convocatoria para la segunda edición del programa GO UANDES LEADERSHIP 2019, programa intensivo que se realizará enero de 2019 en la Universidad de los Andes, ubicada en Santiago, Chile.

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UBO: PhD in Education

Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins, is a private-law establishment. It is an accredited higher education institution, founded in the year 1990. Located at O’Higgins Park, in the district of Santiago, its academic units are spread across two campuses in the same geographic zone, combining a modern infrastructure with green areas.

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UAndes: Spanish@UANDES Program

Applications are now open for the GO UANDES SPANISH Program, an intensive course which will take place at Universidad de los Andes, located in Santiago, Chile from July 2nd to July 27th, 2018.

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UVM: Explora V – Intern and Experience Viña

Explore is a customized internship program which will provide students with valuable knowledge that can help with their professional development. All of the internships we place students in are eligible for academic credit. The UVM will appoint a faculty supervisor and workplace mentor focused on helping and guiding the student throughout their internship.

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UVM: Health Services in Chile

Students will visit various hospitals in Santiago and Viña del Mar along with talks about the health system in Chile. Through their visits to public, private, and rural clinics students are able to get a good view of the contrast between the public and private sector in Chile.

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These general training elective courses allow for the integral development of all UFRO students. The course syllabuses are oriented mostly towards foreign students who take part in the student mobility program. These courses allow them to make contact with our regional context, in addition to practicing and improving their use of the Spanish

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