Santo Tomás University welcomes exchange students who start their studies on this first semester

18 April, 2018


More than 40 young students coming from around the world will be attending different study programs offered by the institution through the International Experience Program.

With a breakfast, foreign students who are starting their studies on different programs at Santo Tomás Educación Superior were welcomed. The activity, held on March 21st, was joined by the National Dean of the UST, Mr. Jaime Vatter, and different other authorities from the institution faculties and areas.

During the first semester of 2018, 43 exchange students coming from Germany, Bolivia, China, Spain, France, Mexico, Switzerland and Taiwan will start their studies, all of them coming from 17 well-known higher education establishments characterized by their high-class quality.

During the meeting, the National Dean assured that the educational exchange program is an important initiative and a key experience for these young people, specially because they get to meet other realities. “I thank every single one of you, first for choosing Chile and second, for choosing our institution. We are interested on this type of activity; they are very meaningful. You, who are representing your universities and your countries, are ambassadors of your institutions”, he justified.

On his behalf, Mr. Roberto Lafontaine, International Projects Director of Santo Tomás, assured that “for us is very important to greet you because is the way in which our students share with classmates, cultures and languages from around the globe. An exchange is worth by itself not only due to the technical knowledge you can acquire, but also due to its life and personal experience”.

According to Mrs. Cristina Muñoz, National Coordinator of the International Experience Program of Santo Tomás, this semester has three main updates related to these exchanges. Between February and March, a group of students and teachers from the Hesav University of Switzerland were participating on a Kinesiology internship at UST Valdivia. “To this, we can add of first student from Bolivia and three French students attending the Science Masters Degree in Physical Activity and Sport”, she added.

Via: UST