Daniel Esguerra Rodríguez

  • Master in Marine Ecology
  • 2016

Studying a postgraduate course abroad was my goal since I started my undergraduate training. Being able to do the Magister in Marine Ecology at Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción has been a very enriching experience from every point of view. From the academic point of view, it was crucial to find the necessary knowledge to specialize in one of the most integral areas of science, such as ecology and particularly focused on the marine environment, given my previous training as a marine biologist in addition to the passion and love that I feel for the sea.

In addition to my curriculum, my consolidation of knowledge and the incorporation of new concepts, it was very important for me to be able to approach scientific research throughout the master’s degree; to carry out these investigative processes, the faculty and the department of ecology count on very competent professors and investigators, with ample trajectory in their respective fields, besides being good at transmitting their knowledge and motivating to work for the main objective of science.

Along with all these processes, bonds and academic relationships are also formed with Chilean colleagues and from other parts of the world, relationships that are very important when carrying out projects since the sciences are transversal and require a joint effort to really may be the path of progress and understanding.

On the other hand, studying and living outside your country is also very rewarding personally. You know a way of life different from yours, it allows you to strengthen yourself as an individual, it gives you the possibility of knowing incredible places that you probably would not know as a typical tourist, it brings you closer to the art, culture, gastronomy of another nation. All this knowledge is as important as the academic, because it reminds you that, despite the differences, we are all human and live and feel in the same way. Love, curiosity, hope and more connect us. All this comes to the fore when you face the world away from your comfort zone.

As a Latin American I am also very proud of having been able to study and live in Chile, because here I found the fellowship and affection that we should always have for what we are: heirs of a continent that has gone through centuries of difficulties but that always comes forward thanks to the effort, tenacity and dreams of its people.

Finally, I have to express how deeply grateful I am to have lived this experience, grateful to my colleagues, friends, teachers, the faculty, the university, the city of Concepción and Chile.