Izabela Rzezniczak

  • Law / Universidad de los Andes

This University is like taken out of a fairy tale. I´ve never seen anything so beautiful. I love that the University has a small size, because you feel you are a student. Here I’m not just a number, here it’s different.

I come from Poland, particularly from the capital city, Warsaw. I decided to come to Chile because I dreamed about traveling to Latin America.

Currently I’m in my third year, I’m supposed to take my final exams soon, but I chose to extend my stay in Chile until next year, because four months are just too short! I decided to stay one year because I want to travel and also because I wanted to take this great opportunity that I received, of working in a mining company, Sierra Gorda (a Polish and Japanese project). I’m really excited about this.

About Santiago, I really like its spirit; it reminds me of Warsaw, which also has its special places. La Vega is what I’ve liked the most so far, for me this market is like the heart of the city. I also enjoy going to Barrio Yungay. Regarding the food, I love a plate of “guatitas”, “cazuela” (a delicious pot), the Pisco sour and “palta” (avocado). Specially that; I’m in love with the Chilean avocado.

I’m very grateful of how people have treated me in Chile. Chilean people are very kind and this country is really precious. In March 2015 I will return to Warsaw. I don’t really want to go back, but I’m focusing on the present. Is here and now!