Pedro Magalhaes

  • Ingeniería en Informática / Duoc

Pedro Magalhaes from Brazil had the option of studying in Barcelona or Santiago, but at the end he decided for the capital of our country because he wanted to live in a country in Latin America. “At first, I wanted to study in Spain to learn Spanish, but when I found out that Chile was an alternative and I research about Chilean education, I didn’t have any doubts about going there for my studies”. After selecting the country where he was going to study the Carioca student had to decide between Viña del Mar or Santiago, nevertheless “I decided to change the beach for the urban life” he says.

“Before coming to study here in Chile a lot of Brazilians told me that the country was very rich and I have very surprised the quality of life of Chileans, the country is modern and living here is better than I imagine” he expressed.

Pedro arrived to Santiago at the end of February to become part of DUOC UC and he is amazed with the university environment, “They really care about my stay here at DUOC and my classmates are nice, the infrastructure in my faculty is also wonderful”. he says.

One of the things that have called the attention of the carioca students is the interest of people for culture “In Rio daily life s all about the beach, in Santiago people are more interested in cultural activities, which are offered frequently. I love the cultural environment of Chile, I can go to a concert, to the theater walk and listen to artist in the streets and squares, definitely what I’m most impressed about is the cultural environment of Chile”.