What degree should you study if you like mathematics?

31 December, 2018


There are many options available, but below we highlight some of the most suitable degrees if you want to study something related to mathematics.

Mathematics is often unpopular among students when considering what degree to study at university, with many preferring to leave numbers to one side in order to study something “less complicated”.

However, some students find in mathematics an unknown and challenging world, which encourages them to achieve excellence and do their best to resolve complex problems.

Mathematics forms the building blocks for many different fields, and the academic offering related to mathematics is as broad as the moment of choosing your degree can be nerve-wracking.

Below are some of the degrees that you can take if you like math:

Pure mathematics

If you truly love numbers, the first option to consider is a pure mathematics degree. On a pure mathematics degree, your studies will be focused on mathematics from three perspectives: social, academic and professional. You’ll also have to work hard to develop the analytical capabilities necessary for complex problem solving, as well as your capacity for abstract and logical thinking, which will help you when it comes to detecting and resolving problems. Upon graduation, you will be qualified to teach mathematics or work in research, among other options.

Information technology

If you have a way with numbers and you like technology, this is the degree for you. While studying information technology, you will apply all of your numerical knowledge and analytical skills to develop information technologies, software and applications that aim to resolve society’s problems and needs. Similarly, you will be qualified to audit devices and data processing systems, as well as to work in systems installation and specialized software for organizations.


Those who loves numbers, design and shapes should seriously consider studying architecture. In an architecture degree, numbers are not simply abstract concepts on paper. All of the measurements required for a building plan will subsequently be materialized in a beautiful construction. Mathematics, geometry and creativity will give you the possibility of creating innovative projects that will fill you with satisfaction.


All branches of engineering are appropriate degree choices if you like mathematics and have analytical skills. You could study civil engineering, for example, and learn how to manage construction and maintenance of different types of works, including public, transport and residential projects. To study engineering, you will need to have some knowledge of calculus, mechanical geometry and physics.


Accounting is a degree focused on numbers, calculations and structures. Studying accounting is ideal for those who are interested in learning how to assess companies’ financial decision-making, and provide the appropriate recommendations for companies to maintain a firm financial standing. Similarly, accountants must be aware of the financial transactions carried out by companies, and compliance with related regulations and legislation.

These are just some of the options available to those who love numbers. Other degrees to consider include administration, geology, economics, statistics or chemistry.