Chinese Ambassador to Chile visits the UST Santiago five months after taking office

20 June, 2018


The Chinese diplomat Xu Bu participated in a meeting with the National Rector of Universidad Santo Tomás, Jaime Vatter, and other authorities of the institution. Subsequently, he spoke with a group of 13 Chinese students doing their exchange programs at the university.

Strengthening ties between Chile and the People’s Republic of China has been one of the main objectives of the Universidad Santo Tomas in terms of international relations. Over a decade, several agreements have been made, along with programs that favor student and academic exchange, and the first Confucius Institute in the country was created, responsible for teaching Mandarin Chinese, now operational in 19 locations throughout country.

In this context, the visit of the Chinese ambassador to Chile, Xu Bu, to the UST Santiago on June 14, becomes very important. In the instance the diplomat, who was joined by the First Secretary, Chanqiang Yang, met with the authorities of the UST, Jaime Vatter, National Rector; Sebastián Rodríguez, Academic Vice-Rector, and Roberto Lafontaine, Director of International Projects.

“During the meeting, we presented the history and national presence of Santo Tomás, and also our relationship with China, especially what was done with the Confucius Institute and the agreements with the universities and governmental entities of that country. The ambassador congratulated us, said he was very happy about the relationship we have, which is very important for the embassy and for China. They also offered us all their help and cooperation,” said Roberto Lafontaine.

The Chinese ambassador, Xu Bu, highlighted the relevance that the establishment of relations with Latin American higher education institutions has for his country. “It is very important for us to stay close to the cooperation between the Chilean and Chinese universities, young people are the future for relations between the countries and that is why, currently, we have several student exchanges. Santo Tomás University is doing a good job, promoting student exchange and collaboration between the two countries.”

In addition, the diplomat highlighted the cooperation that exists between the Universidad Santo Tomás and the East China Normal University (ECNU) of Shanghai, the University of Anhui and the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, with which they maintain a close exchange relationship. academic and student.