Discover How the Seasons of the Year are Experienced in Chile

23 June, 2021


Chile is a country located in the Southern hemisphere. Its weather is mainly Mediterranean, which makes every season—winter, spring, fall and summer—clearly distinct throughout the year.

However, the seasons are experienced differently in different parts of the country due to the weather of each area. Northern Chile, for example, is known for its dried weather that reaches high temperatures; the central area, on the other hand, is the one where the seasons are more clearly distinct; and, in the case of the South, the weather is colder and more humid, with a high occurrence of rainfall.

How is Every Season Experienced Through the Year?

Spring in Chile

Spring stars on September 23rd and it ends on December 21st. Generally, spring in Chile is a warm and pleasant season. Its main characteristic is the green and colorful landscapes that bloom during this period.

Summer in Chile

This season starts on December 21st and it ends on March 20th. It is known for presenting the highest temperatures when compared to other seasons. Days are longer and it’s the perfect season to go to the beach, or visit the lakes and rivers in Chile.

Fall in Chile

Fall begins on March 20th and ends on June 21st. Temperatures are a bit lower than during spring, winds are colder and, contrary to spring, it is the time when trees let their leaves fall to mark the transition to the next season.

Winter in Chile

This season begins on June 21st and ends on September 23rd. Temperatures vary, but it’s colder throughout the country, and the frequency of rain increases.