Music for Studying and Concentration

8 May, 2020


Studying is a process for which we need to stay as focused as possible. If we also take into consideration the fact that it is something we have to do at home and online, we’re also exposed to other distracting factors. That is why some music can be of great help to relax and concentrate.

Today, you can choose among different music platforms like YouTube or Spotify, which are some of the most popular ones. There you can find playlist to work, relaxing music, music for studying, etc.

Now, it is important that you find the genre or style that suits your studying habits better, so you can fully concentrate.

Why Should You Study with Music?

  1. It helps your concentration.
  2. When you listen to music, your brain releases dopamine. What is that? It’s a hormone that regulates memory and it’s beneficial for cognitive processes.
  3. Music allows you to relax, which helps you manage the anxiety that comes from studying or working.

What Kind of Music Should I Listen to When Studying?

You can find different playlists for studying. Music for working, relaxing music, instrumental music, etc. There are many varieties to choose from, however, you’re free to listen what’s best suited to your taste and feelings.

Maybe you can listen to rock or cumbia, or maybe you prefer music that’s quieter or just instrumental. Everything will depend on what makes you feel more comfortable.

Music recommendations on YouTube or Spotify

If Spotify is your preferred platform, we recommend the following playlists:

  • Instrumental music
  • Nature music
  • Music for studying
  • Piano playlist
  • Vibes playlist
  • Chill playlist

On the other hand, if you prefer listening to music on YouTube, here are some links that might interest you: