PUCV: Ecoliterature/Ecocriticism: Representatios of Nature in Contemporary Latin American Literature

Latin America has been traditionally represented as a virgin land, where the exuberance of its nature -the enormous mountain chains, crystalline rivers, deep jungle- appears as fixed postcards where, like in a stable scenario, human beings arise as innocent creatures living in harmony with their environment.

But, what happens at the ending of the XX century, where the contamination of the urban centers and the expropriation of land to increment the density of the cities is a tangible reality? How are these changes seen by literature? What line of continuity can we find from Humboldt´s diary-who described in the XIX century the southern cone as pristine nature- to the Mexican author José Emilio Pacheco, who lives in the most contaminated city (of the world), Mexico city? These are some of the questions we will approach during the semester.

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