UBO: PhD in Education

Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins, is a private-law establishment. It is an accredited higher education institution, founded in the year 1990. Located at O’Higgins Park, in the district of Santiago, its academic units are spread across two campuses in the same geographic zone, combining a modern infrastructure with green areas. Among other goals, the University seeks to promote research, creation, preservation and transmission of universal knowledge in the areas of science and humanities.

The Doctorate in Education Program, offered by UBO is looking to train academic doctors who are able to perform research in some of the program’s areas of study, with updated insight methodology which gives evidence of the skills acquired during their formation period.

Develop autonomous research in some of the areas proposed in the doctorate program.

Contribute to educational knowledge through the development of research, writing of publications in specialized magazines referenced on a national or international level.

Show the ability to solve educational problems, in any of the available lines of research, with a posture founded in the learned theoretical concepts, incorporating critical analysis, evaluation, synthesis, and generating new ideas for the advancement of educational development.

The requirements for admission correspond to those established by the accreditation process of the postgraduate program, as well as internal regulations, which set specific criteria for selection.

Thus, applicants must meet the following requirements:

1.- Posses at least an academic bachelor’s degree or a professional title with an equivalent number of semesters to that of an academic degree. However, applicants who possess a master’s degree will have priority, even more so if the degree is related to any area of education.

Applicants who have obtained a degree or title abroad will be eligible for admission once their study certificate and papers are legalized and recognized by the appropriate agencies.

2.- Applicants must be committed to undertake their studies in a full time schedule during two terms at the University, as stablished in the curriculum, and fulfill the obligations required of them.

3.- Attend a personal interview and complete a questionnaire.

4.- Provide a letter which expresses their motivations for joining the Doctorate Program.

5.- Attach two recommendation letters.