UCEN: Master’s Programs

Universidad Central de Chile (UCEN) is a national and private non-profit higher education institution that takes on academic training with a high commitment to the country, promoting the values ​​of tolerance, pluralism and fairness, as well as respect and acceptance of diversity in all areas of its work.

Established in 1982, UCEN is one of the oldest private universities in Chile. It currently offers high level technical degrees, with regional headquarters in Coquimbo, and 5 faculties that teach 31 undergraduate courses, and several graduate, postgraduate and master’s degrees; it especially promotes research through study centers, research institutes, and an Internal Research Fund, which are added to the research work carried out in the faculties, schools and chairs.

With more than 14.000 undergraduate and graduate students and more than 20,000 alumni, it constitutes a different educational project that reinvests all of its profits in the same entity; owns its buildings, land and other facilities in which it operates; and whose administration and development rests with its own academics through a democratic governance structure.

The UCEN has high end infrastructure and equipment and is in constant renovation, with a total of 81,981 square meters built. It has several buildings located in the center of Santiago, a sports center in height and a regional headquarter in Coquimbo.