David Andrade Rangel

  • Law / Universidad Autónoma de Chile

Among the most important activities I did while in Chile, first I got to know the country, which has a great ecological and natural diversity. For me, it was enriching in all aspects. In addition, there are enough people from Latin America to enrich us with their cultures, traditions and languages.

Academically, this country is several years ahead of us in terms of trials and, moreover, they are practicing in the Qualifying Tribunal of Elections and attending to conciliation boards. It was very rewarding, and I have something to contribute to my country when I return.

The teachers are highly qualified in Universidad Autónoma, as most of them have masters and doctoral degrees, and that shows they are prepared and trained for what they are doing, which improves us as students, since we have a better learning process and thus a better understanding, even though we come from another country.

I’d absolutely recommend the University to make an exchange. In fact, I have already done it, and several of my classmates will come next semester for an academic stay. Also, I talked to my classmates from Universidad Autónoma and they too were motivated to take the opportunity to study abroad.