Poliana do Carmo Pimenta

  • Medical Technologist / Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins

Why did you decide to study a semester as exchange student at UBO?
Because I really liked Chile when I came just to get to know Chile, as tourist in 2014. Then, when the opportunity to study here came I was really interested. The UBO was the only University that had the academic mobility program in Chile. I researched about the University and saw that it was good and it would be an unrivalled experience.

How the experience at UBO has been so far?
I will never forget it. It has been one of a kind. I’m having contact with a different culture, language, people, habits, a different teaching system and testing system at the University. It’s giving me lots of personal gain.

What did you like most about Chile?
I liked the cold the most, the diversity of places and the organization of the city.

Would you go through this experience again?
Yes! I would like to experience this again a lot, I invite everyone to do so!